H├Ábelusikas - Gastronoomia auhind


Lucca Restaurant is located in Tiskre, near the former Lucca Summer Mansion and Park. The mansion got its name from the town of Lucca in the Tuscany region of Italy and it was established by Baron Arthur Girard de Soucanton who was a key player in the business life 
of Estonia in the second half of the 19th century, being an alderman and the mayor of Tallinn. He originated from the noble line-up of Languedoc-Roussillon from France. 

Lucca Restaurant is serving guests in that place of long history for the tenth year now. Although it is a cosy family restaurant with an interior likening to an Italian trattoria, the atmosphere of the place is rather romantic. 

The selection of dishes on offer is genuinely Italian, with various antipasti, fresh seafood, traditional meats, hand-made pastas and pizzas, and naturally the cult dessert of Tiramisu. The wine imports division of the restaurant brings in all its wines directly from Old World producers, choosing from of the top belonging wineries in their region. 

Lucca has received the 'Silver Spoon' gastronomy award in the category of best family restaurant on two occasions, and it has been highlighted as a nominee as often as seven times. Lucca is also among 'The Best 50 Estonian Restaurants'. 

Lucca Restaurant is ideal for those who wish to get away from the hustle of central city and to have a good time in a cozy trattoria just outside the city, with friends or family and an enjoyable selection of Italian kitchen and wines made with love.